Weight concerns, muscle gain and optimisation of health all require good nutrition, which should be personalised to you.


  • Telehealth consult – 60 minute sessions

  • Comprehensive 14-day dietary assessment to determine dietary patterns, quantities and nutritional quality
  • Goal setting to achieve your nutrition and health goals

  • Food recommendations, including meal planning ideas

  • Lifestyle recommendations related to sleep, exercise, relaxation and stress management

  • Treatment Plan outlining the above

  • Discount membership to Anytime Fitness Ballarat and Mount Clear

  • Referral code organically grown Microgreens from Suburb Farmer

  • Ongoing discount to GoodnessMe (GoodnessMe.com.au)

  • Ongoing support, advice and accountability check-ins

“I’ve been working with Laurey for two weeks now and I can already see a difference in my mindset surrounding food. I really liked that Laurey invested her time to provide me an individualised plan that worked for me. The strengths and weaknesses task about my current eating habits really opened my eyes up to my relationship with food”


Laurey has been very supportive of my future nutrition goals and has helped write up a treatment plan that is realistic to achieve for my lifestyle, she has also continued to follow up with me regarding my progress and continues to offer ongoing support when needed! Highly recommend!


Laurey is great, she tries all she can to understand you and how you work, there is no judgement over what you eat or what you know. She’s flexible, as she helps me after my work hours . Just a very supportive environment.


Thank you Laurey for your amazing time, I’ve learnt so much, I didn’t know that just changing brands can help lower calories and lead to a better diet. I recommend you to anyone who is looking to improve their diet!


Laurey’s 1:1 nutrition consulting has been really worthwhile. It has been nice to confirm that my general diet is pretty good, but also eye opening in finding some imbalances in my micronutrient intake that I can improve on. Laurey’s thoroughness and patient centred approach means that pretty much anyone would benefit from spending some time with her.


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